Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Adam currently lives, works, and plays in New York… Queens, to be precise… where he wows clients as a commercial/music video director on a semi-monthly basis.Music, commerce, or both, Adam thrives as a hands-on, adroit collaborator from conception to delivery no matter what the project.

Rock, Rap, and now Country, Adam’s thirst for visualizing music transcends boundaries, genres, and play lists.  As a music video director, Adam loves both helping burgeoning musical acts discover their moving image, and lending a hand to the more seasoned artists as they further cultivate their own.

And as a commercial director, Adam enjoys assuming a dual identity: the gun-for-hire director, charged with realizing and facilitating another’s vision, or the auteur-dictator, creatively quarterbacking the project from story boards to post production.

A director first, Adam summons his inner jack-of-all-trades when budget restraints call for a little more activity in front of the camera rather than behind.  Producer, editor, cinematographer, back-up dancer, you name it, Adam’s invoiced for it.

When budget permits however, Adam regularly enjoys working alongside an A-team of producers, cinematographers, editors, composers he can mobilize in hours – no budget too small, no timeframe too imminent.